History & Objectives

The ENP is an international organisation with as mission the promotion of its credo:

“Quality through Equality”

By working in partnership with colleagues from Police and/or Law Enforcement organisations in its member countries, ENP strives to facilitate positive changes in regard to Gender Mainstreaming, the Management of Diversity as well as optimising the position of women.

In spite the fact that in the field of Emancipation a lot has changed for the better over the last decades, there is still a lot of progress to be made.

ENP- European Network of Policewomen was founded on 23rd March 1989 at the International Conference for Policewomen held in Noordwijkerhout /The Netherlands. The founders envisioned the creation of a professional network that could provide an information channel through which both policewomen and -men could constructive alliances in the field of equal opportunities within the police services in Europe.

Characterisation ENP
ENP is a non profit making organisation and due to its growth it became a foundation under Dutch Law in 1994.

ENP acts completely independent of any government, political party or group and declares itself for the fundamental values of the equality of all mankind, freedom, justice and solidarity; according the democratic principles and the fundamental rights as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In 1996 ENP was officially granted the status of NGO, which implies that ENP may designate official representatives to the United Nations – to the UN Headquarters in New York and to the UN Offices in Geneva and Vienna.

Management ENP According the drafted constitution the general management is the responsibility of the General Board, who on it’s turn appoints out of the available nominees the Executive Board as well as the President The Executive Board will conduct the daily management and is thereby assisted by the Head Office (situated in The Netherlands). Both boards are composed of representatives from Europe.

The elections for both Boards will take place every two years. On this occasion the organisations that are already represented in the General- and the Executive Board will be approached for nominations. This could result in a renewal of existing Board Members or the appointment of new candidates. Furthermore, organisations of those countries that are not yet represented are also invited to designate representatives for both Boards.

ENP’s aims are…..
The initial aim of ENP is to optimise the position of women within the European Police and/or Law Enforcement Organisation.

However the fading away of the European Borders, as well as the globalisation effects contribute to a more rapid changing society. Consequently other problematic issues are floating to the surface and this undoubtedly affects each Police- and/or Law Enforcement Organisation throughout Europe. Different approaches and working methods are therefore required, whereby international cooperation plays a significant role.

To meet these new requirements ENP adapted and extended its aim with the issues of Gender Mainstreaming and the Management of Diversity, whereby its initial aim remains a guiding principle.

Enumeration of ENP’s aims:

To raise the awareness and understanding of issues affecting women within the European Police Services;
To facilitate and contribute towards discussions on issues of concern to both male and female police officers;
To provide wherever possible the female perspective;
To stimulate and to deliver a contribution towards equal representation of men and women within every layer of the police organisation;
To exchange best practice within the police and/or law enforcement organisation on current issues, new approaches, initiatives and measurements;
To contribute to the continuous professional developments of all its members;
To support and assist the establishment of new national networks;
To deliver specific support (custom-made) towards each associated country;
To function as an European Expertise Centre in the field of Gender Mainstreaming, Management of Diversity and Equality issues;
To Stimulate and synchronise the co-operation between various police organisation as well as all relevant networks within Europe in the working field of Gender Mainstreaming, Management of Diversity and Equality issues;
What can ENP do for you….

Providing information through its web site;
Providing information through publications, among others its magazine ENP-News;
Exchanging knowledge, information and experiences within the European Police organisations;
Bi-Annual publication of Facts & Figures and General Information of European Police Services;
Stimulating and supporting the establishment of national networks of policewomen, within its associated countries;
Organising Network trainings;
Stimulating international research and training in order to maximise the experiential learning for both female and male police officers within Europe;
Organising specific round table meetings for both policewomen and -men to promote the exchange of best practice, new initiatives, information and learning;
Organising Career Development Seminars for middle management
Organising trainings in order to strengthen the management position (Management Toolkit);
Organising a Bi-Annual Conference;
Delivering custom made support for each associated country, dealing with the specific needs of each individual network and/or organisation;
Stimulating and encouraging specific cooperation between the associated countries;
Establishing cooperation with related organisations world wide.