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The course is aimed to improve your communication skills through dynamic group activities focusing mainly on speaking and listening. Throughout the course you will interact with your classmates in different social circumstances, both real and role played situations, build and broaden your vocabulary, improve your listening skills, increase your accuracy, learn idioms and current expressions, and enrich your cross-cultural understanding. The course also includes elements of reading and writing.

Broaden the ENP with improved English communication.

Course duration: 1 week, 32 hours

Dates: 30th March – 3rd April 2015

Number of participants: 10

Learning materials: included

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Career Development Vienna October 2013

We are pleased to informe you, that the European Network of Policewomen, in cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of Interior and the Police Departament of Vienna, are organizing a 5-days Career Development Seminar. This Seminar, sheduled to take place from the ,14th to the 18th of October 2013 is a really unique opportunity, whereby a solid training will be combined with an exchange of experiences and even best practices on an international level. Female police officers are welcome to attend the seminar.

EB/GB Meeting Barcelona june 2013

The next ENP Executive and General Board which will be held in Barcelona.
The Executive Board meeting will take place on June the 3rd and 4th
The General Board meeting on June 5th 2013.

All members are requested to confirm their attendance to the EB and GB meetings email: marta.fernandezb@gencat.cat

Special for ENP members Language Course Estonia May 2013

A course organized by The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

estonian academyTopic: Language for Meetings
From 6 th to 9 th May 2013
Location: Police school Paikuse Estonia
The maximum number of participants is ten.
All interested members are requested to confirm their participation before 1 April 2013.
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Assessment of the EDPOL Conferences 2012

From the 1st to the 5th of October 2012 the Institute of Public Security and the Headquarters of the catalan Police, Mossos d’Esquadra, held the conference EDPOL-Europeandiversity in policing, with the presence of thirty leading experts from 17 European countries. This was the second activity that PGME EDPOL performed within the project, which began in January 2011 and will end in December 2012, and which main purpose is to increase and improve the respect for fundamental rights and that  Police services in Europe will run the management of a multicultural diversity to professional skills, both within the organization and its relationship with the community.

The conference raised from a series of activities with an operational and interactive perspective,particulary of the approach of situations and challenges that police forces must deal with.

The different workshops and conferences were carried out at the Institute of Security
Public and in the Headquarters of the Catalan police force the Egara Central Complex, where different police experts could discuss and share their experiences as a part of a series of practical activities which finally: legal, police praxis, leadership strategies, experience and diversity has led to new ways of addressing conflict and diversity.
The assessment made by the organizers and all participants is very positive. All participants agreed to consider excellent the contents as well as the organization, and have described the event as a great opportunity for exchange ideas and experiences related to diversity management by the police organizations.


Career Development Seminar

General information on the Career Development Seminar:

The ENP organise every year together with the host country a Career Development Seminar. This seminar has proven to be very successful. The success formula contains two important components; Participants learn ways to optimise their skills and competences in relation to future promotion, and then there is the important added value, namely international representation. In this sense the participants are provided the opportunity not only to exchange knowledge and experiences with colleagues, but they can gather information about different approaches, working conditions etc. within various European countries.

Objectives of the seminar:

  • To give the participants an insight, on the basis of theory, into the situation of women in managerial positions within the (police) organisation.
  • To give the participants an insight, on the basis of theory, into their own career development(obstacles/opportunities/potential).
  • To practise the necessary skills.
  • To develop a strategy for a personal action plan.

Target group:
The training is intended for women who hold a middle management or supervisory position within European police forces, or women who are expected to hold such a position in the near future.

Number of students:
A maximum of 15 participants. In order to guarantee an international representation the aim will be to provide a delegation of a maximum of 3 participants per country.

Content and working method:
The training covers a period of 5 days and consists of 10 day sessions

The training will be conducted in English. Therefore fluency in the English language will be an asset

We will share Information of the next Career Development Seminar 2013 soon as it’s available!