The main aim of the ENP is to raise awareness of the benefit of having more women within the police both on operational and management/decision making level and also to empower those women who are already working within the police and law enforcement organisations.

Aims translated into practice:
– To increase the number of female employees in general, with a special focus on senior management positions,
– To raise the awareness on the necessity of the Management of Diversity and Gender Mainstreaming (platforms – round table meetings, exchange of best practices)
– Monitoring developments in regard to Gender and Diversity
– Enhancement of career development for women, by special international training-seminars
– Focussing on the preservation of authenticity, recognition of own competences, building up self-esteem, so that women can be leaders in their own right.
– Professionalism of women (management and networking skills),
Functioning as an information channel (site, best practices international conferences seminars etc)
– Completion of surveys and research
– Stimulation of initiatives for the foundation of national networks for policewomen
– Reinforcement of the existing national police female networks by network training
– Custom made support of the existing national police female networks
– To raise the number of policewomen within Peace Keeping Missions

Organisational structures

The ENP was founded on 23rd March 1989. Due to its growth the organisation became a non profit organisation under Dutch Law in 1994. In 1996 the ENP was officially granted the status of NGO, which implies that the ENP may designate official representatives to the United Nations to the UN Headquarters in New York as well as the UN offices in Geneva and Vienna.

The ENP acts completely independent of any Government, political party or group and declares itself for the fundamental values of all mankind, freedom, justice and solidarity; in accordance with the democratic principles and the fundamental rights as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In conforming within its constitution the ENP is governed by a General Board for the general management, the Executive Board is responsible for the daily management of the organisation. The Executive Board is hereby assisted by the Head Office located in the Netherlands.
Both the General and Executive board are composed of representatives from Europe.

The elections for both boards take place every two years. On these occasions the organisations that are already represented either in the General or Executive Board are approached for nominees. This can result in a renewal of existing board members or the appointment of new members. In addition to this, organisations from those countries that are not yet represented are invited to nominate representatives for both boards. Individual men or women, with or without the support of their organisation, can also apply for the function of country contact person.

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