ENP General Board Meeting Principality of Andorra March 30 2023

The European Network of Policewomen (ENP) has held the General Board meeting in the Principality of Andorra on March 30. The Andorra Police is an affiliated of the ENP, since Ms Clara Babot was appointed as member. Rosa Guerris, one of the first policewomen in Andorra, attended the meeting and the mas-media which were interested in our activity there. (*Link)

Mr Jordi Moreno, General Director of the Andorran Police, gave us the welcome to the Andorra Police hosting our meetings.

After the meeting, he arranged a visit to the headquarters police premises, to the attendees from other countries, to know about the structure and units organisation of the Police.

The Andorran police also organized for our members a guided visit to the historic building of the old Parliament of Andorra.

To highlight from the meeting the appointment of the new Executive Board of the ENP, which is made up of the following participants there: President, Ms Montserrat Pina (Spain); Vice-President, Ms Ausra Dovydéniéne (Lithuania); Treasurer, Ms Vanessa van den Berg (Netherlands); Secretary, Ms Apolonija Grobin (Slovenia).